Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Those tricky tissues

What is the Rubbish Diet Challenge? 
We're always trying to encourage our lovely locals to cut down on their waste, but how easy can it really be? Challenge accepted!!
Alongside 8 other bloggers we'll be following the top tips and advice of household waste guru Karen Cannard of The Rubbish Diet, as she encourages us on how to out our bin on a diet too! You too can see her tips and advice, as well as see how she got on when the spotlight was on her bins at http://www.therubbishdiet.blogspot.com/.
We'll be blogging away here, as well as tweeting on @RubbishGeek and Faceybooking at Letswasteless Nelc

We're up to Week 3

The theme for this week is FOOD! One of my favourites.

Check out previous posts for some top foody saver tips : http://www.letswastelessnel.blogspot.com/2011/11/top-5-foody-waste-saver-websites.html

I don't think I'm really too bad with food waste, however it's tissue central here at Rubbish Geek HQ :( 

I've got a cold, which seems to have lasted forever (actually it's only a week!) and crumpled up tissues are filling up every bin in the house. I don't think the count up will be a good one on the waste front this week. In fact it feels like I've got worse! Not only did the tissues stack up, but when I went to buy them the best deal financially was a BOGOF, that came wrapped in an extra layer of plastic film grrrr.

I'm still discovering what extra bits can be recycled, and Future Hubby (FH) has decided to pitch in with his suggestions for sorting our recycling system. We've now got one bin in the kitchen for recyclables, kept in the pantry, which he assures me will get sorted into the appropriate containers as soon as it gets filled, by either of us...hmmmm... will believe it when I see it FH!

Will keep you posted on progress this week. In the meantime why not check out how some of the other RubbishDiet bloggers are getting on? You can find them all at www.therubbishdiet.blogspot.com

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