Friday, 27 April 2012

Changing times


Look out for the new booklet

Please keep an eye out for the new booket coming through the letterboxes of all households in North East lincolnshire over the next few weeks. It tells you all about the services available for recycling and waste disposal, as well as some changes agreed by the Council recently.

Some of the big changes will be covered on the blog in the next few weeks, including Frequently Asked Questions answered.

The ones to be aware of are :
  • All residents must recycle as much as possible using the triple boxes.
  • Side waste (extra bagged waste) will not be collected. All waste needs to fit inside the green wheeled bin.
  • From 1st April 2012 residents must pay for a second garden waste bin collection. All residents are allowed one bin for garden waste collected free of charge.
  • From 1st April 2012 residents will be charged for replacement wheeled bins. The first set of recycling boxes will be provided free of charge and subsequent sets charged for. 
  • From 1st June 2012 cardboard will no longer be accepted in your brown (garden waste) bin. Instead it must be placed in the green wheeled bin or taken to the CRC. This is to improve the quality of our garden waste collections and the compost produced.

There's lots of help and guidance available to help households who are struggling to recycle or to fit their waste in their green wheeled bin, please contact the Waste hotline on 01472 325841 or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . @RubbishGeek and

Thanks to all those who are already recycling and cutting down on their rubbish! Let's work together to protect the planet and waste less!


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Out and about for Real Nappy Week 2012

Happy to help

Our team have enjoyed popping into various groups and locations to show off the modern designs for Real Nappies this week for Real Nappy Week 2012.

People have been genuinely surprised to see how easy they are to use and wash, and how much money they can save.

Thanks to all those who have come to chat with us about their nappy options, whether on purpose or just passing by!

For more information on Real Nappies visit or for details of support (including up to £50 cashback incentive from North East Lincs Council) visit  

On Tuesday of Real Nappy Week 2012 in Freshney Place, Grimsby

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Visits in Real Nappy Week 2012

It's here again! Real Nappy Week organised by those lovely people at Go Real

We'll be out and about in North East Lincolnshire to talk to residents about their choices when it comes to nappies, and to show off the options in modern, reusable nappies.
We'll also be telling them how to claim back £50 off their purchases from North East Lincolnshire Council

Hope you can join us!

Please feel free to share this image on Facebook, or print it out as a poster to share locally. Thanks!

Reusing our rubbish

Over £1400 was raised for charity this time we had a bring and buy sale at the Grimsby Community Recycling Centre!

10 porcelain dolls had been disposed of at the Community Recycling Centre, but were rehomed on the day
 Thanks to all who made donations on the day.
It really does show that one person's trash can be another's treasure.

Items for sale included : 1 telescope, 2 full sets of dining chairs, 3 airing racks, 4 oversized teddies, 5 sets of plates and crockery, 6 sets of golf clubs and 10 porcelain dolls

Thanks to our lovely volunteers!

To find out when the next sale day is being held please visit our events page on the Council website (but it's usually the last Friday of every month)