Monday, 29 November 2010

What's Nappening?

I had a lovely day on Friday at Immingham Children's Centre chatting to parents and grandparents of little 'uns and not so little 'uns about the advancements in washable nappies.
This was as part of European Week of Waste Reduction.

When you think that every baby fills 12 wheelie bins with disposable nappies every year, reusables are obviously going to make a difference! It's also much cheaper as total set up costs are about £250 for washables or Real nappies, but £1000 for disposables!
In North East Lincolnshire parents can claim £50 of their set up costs back for Real nappies at

Tesco Stocking Real Nappies

It has been announced that 2 prominent Real Nappy brands are now being stocked in some of the larger Tesco stores throughout the UK.

This is a massive development for the Real Nappy Industry and adds yet another big name to the growing list of major retailers who now stock Real Nappies.

The decision by Tesco will introduce many parents to Real Nappies, some of whom may not have considered using Real Nappies before.

Limited edition
Bambino Mio have launched a limited edition heart print nappy cover that is extremely funky and cute!

Only 750 covers will be available this year and will be sold exclusively online from the Bambino Mio shop for a limited period only, at

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Waste reduction - a whole week of it!

Uniting all over Europe with the same message: Let's Waste Less!

A very happy, European Week of Waste Reduction to you all.

And our food lover family's challenges draws to a close.
Tina said: "Taking part in the challenge has been quite an eye opener and I’ve realised that I used to waste a lot more food than I thought.

“Now, although I wouldn't say I plan all my meals, I try to shop more carefully and for example buy less fresh vegetables at a time to make sure I use them all. Before taking on the challenge I used to waste food worth about £10 every week but now I haven’t thrown anything away for ages."
She added: “This week is also the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) which aims to raise awareness and encourage people from throughout the EU to make everyday changes that will help them produce less waste.
“It’s a great extra push for the end of the challenge to know that people all across Europe are doing the same kinds of things as me and are working hard to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.”

For more information on the national Food Lovers’ Challenge, visit of for more information on the European Week for Waste Reduction, visit

Thursday, 11 November 2010


It's definitely getting wintery, weatherwise, which means our food waste family are drawing closer to the end of their challenges. Still a few weeks to go though, so catch up on what they've been up to...

Week 4

Planning ahead is the theme, so they are challenged to know what meals they are going to eat each day. Cookery lessons with celebrity chef, Nigel Brown, are the tool to help, as well as a weekly meal planner which you can download from the national campaign's website. A quick feature on BBC Look North adds fame to their campaign!

Week 5

They go it alone! But Tina reports back on progress with an article in our our LincUp magazine. "I’ve learnt a lot from Love Food, Hate Waste and I’m sure that even keen cooks could learn something new. I’d definitely recommend their web site. It’s interesting how quickly my outlook on food has changed and I now try a lot harder to use up what’s in the fridge before it goes off, even compared to just a week or two ago."

Keep going Tina and Serena!!

Week 6

Surprise challenge week! The mystery challenge for Tina and Serena is...

Live out of the freezer! Not literally of course, although the colder weather is on us now.

The girls are given a budget of just £10 to stick to, and all other meals have to come out of their packed freezer and store cupboards. This should save some pennies for the festive season - and make more space for leftovers too!

Why not play along and see what UFOs are lurking in your freezer? (Unidentified Frozen Objects). For more info on what to freeze and how visit