Monday, 28 February 2011

Fruity fun at Freeman Street

Our picture is from our team's visit to the Freeman Street Market Big 5 challenge on Saturday 26th February. Although we had planned to make smoothies by bicycle power again, our electrical skills let us down. Luckily we had a Plan B, so we could still whizz up some lovely smoothies - made of plum, banana and strawberry, with orange juice base. The fruit could be old or tired, and the smoothie would still be tasty and refreshing. As it was, the helpful grocers of the market gave us some really fresh and flavoursome fruits to sample.

Compass fm were hosting the event which showed how you can cook from fresh in 5 minutes, for under 5 pounds, and make some really tasty meals, and we were on hand to show how to make the most of that food!

We spoke to lots of people and handed out our new recipe and tips cards - including a trifle, fish pie, spaghetti carbonara, and non-alcoholic fruit punch. This is all part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign - a national campaign to reduce food waste. For more information visit

Our favourite family popped down to see us too - the Johanssons kept a diary of the food they threw in the bin for 1 week. They were surprised how much was being thrown away, and after taking the Food Lover challenge, found they were able to save£50 a month. Careful storage and planning ahead were two things that helped to reduce the food that lurked in their fridge or went to the family pet.

We're looking for four more families to take the Food Lover challenge in May of this year, so keep an eye out on the Council webpages, if this could be you?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Filled up February!

Full hands

I recently saw a great way of explaining why we should look after the environment:

" Many of us grew up with the adage "Don't Go Empty Handed" ... meaning that when we accepted the hospitality of another, we contributed in some way. Maybe we brought dessert to a dinner, or flowers to the hostess.
On a daily basis, we enjoy the generosity of nature ... we eat foods from the land, use fuels from the earth ... we enjoy fresh air and clean water and a multitude of natural resources. What if we decided to bring something to the party ... to contribute in some way?
We can consciously consider what we can do to give back ... to help the environment rather than deplete it.
When we entered a friend's home with full hands, they smiled and felt appreciated. The environment offers us it's hospitality every day ... let's not go empty handed"

Filled other things!

We have recently begun the search for keen‘Real Nappy Champions’ for N.E.Lincs. This would allow you to be involved in promotion as little or as much as you would like, depending on your availability. Your views would inform our officers to improve the advertisement of the money back scheme, and better inform the choices of local parents about the alternatives to disposables. If you or your family have benefitted from the option of modern, washable nappies and would like to share your experiences with other parents, we would like to hear from you.

We would also like to share information more widely about the 50/50 money back scheme, to encourage more parents in our area to choose to ‘Go Real’, with up to £50 set up costs refunded. More information can be found on the website
On the national Go Real website you will find further information about the national campaign and their promotions

Love is in the air!

And of course - Valentine's day is coming up!
Why not show your love a different way this year by saving some money for your household, instead of spending it?! The New Year's resolutions page on give some quick ideas for how you can save up to £50 a month!
Our team is looking forward to sharing the Love at Freeman Street Market, Big 5 competition on Saturday 26th Feb 10am-12pm, we'd LOVE to see you there too!

May your life be full this February, but not your bin!