Friday, 13 July 2012

Great expectations?

Changes to the service

All households in North East Lincolnshire are now expected to recycle using the facilites available to them.

For most people this means the triple boxes scheme, with paper in the Blue Box, Glass in the Green box, and Cans and tins in the Orange box. The boxes are collected fortnightly and residents can find out their collection day by typing in their postcode at

We asked the public if they thought this was a reasonable expectation and offered two sign up sheets, one labelled 'Agree' one labelled 'Disagree'. Over three events we collected 79 signatures on the 'Agree' sheets and Zero on the 'Disagree'. Brilliant!

Some kind people even left comments such as ' It's been a long time coming' and ' Excellent idea' and ' Without recycling too many items would just go to waste'.

If residents haven't had their triple boxes then their first set is free! The way to order is to phone up the Waste hotline on 01472 325841


  1. I really believe that most people want to do the right thing ... they just need the avenue to do so. It's impressive that everyone you polled agreed. I wonder if the poll would have turned out the same if taken several years ago? Perhaps not ... society has become much more educated and caring about protecting the planet.

  2. I think a little education goes a long way and lots of education can do wonders! I'm glad that you all now have this service available to you! I'm amazed how little trash I have now that I recycle and repurpose! :)

    I came here via the RF Meet & Greet!

  3. Thanks for the visits @Small Footprints and @LaAlicia! We like to think that recycling is becoming much more of a norm!