Friday, 6 July 2012

Celebrity Spotting

Prof. David Bellamy is now all in favour of Real nappies!

Lincolnshire Environmental Awards 2012

Congratulations to the volunteer Real Nappy Champions of North East Lincolnshire for being shortlisted in the Community category of the Lincolnshire Environmental awards 2012.

They were awarded a Highly Commended certificate, and spread the word about Real Nappy options to over 100 people on the day - including David Bellamy!!

The Real Nappy Champions are local parents who use/ have used Real nappies on their children, and want to tell others about them. They can offer advice and help to parents thinking of using them, who have questions or who simply have never heard of them.

Real nappies are the modern washable nappy option, which can save parents up to £500 on their first child, and £1000 on each subsequent child! The average baby will cost £1000 in disposable nappies, but parents can get set up in Real nappies for just £200. They go on just like a disposable, with poppers or velcro, but can be washed at 40 degrees or 60 degrees in washing machines and can dry overnight. They come in lots of different designs and styles. This can sometimes be confusing for parents trying to make the environmental choice, so the Champions volunteers are on hand to offer their experience and help.

One of the Champions has even been inspired to set up a trial kit lending scheme to help parents test out the different styles of nappies, before they commit to making a purchase. For a deposit and a small fee, Tracey will lend families a kit either before or after babies are born, so that the chief nappy changers can get to grips with their choices.

The Champions also promote the cashback incentive from North East Lincolnshire Council, which can really help parents with the initial set up costs. Even if they only buy a few of the real nappies to try, they can be refunded half their costs, up to £100 spending, so families can claim up to £50 cashback.

We are delighted to be highly commended and recognised for the time and help given by the volunteers!

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