Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Learning for life

We’ve had the pleasure of being invited to several open air events this summer to talk to people about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, and show some in action.

It’s always better not to make rubbish in the first place, and we can avoid producing it by choosing to use good quality reusable products instead. We took some cotton reusable bags with us, and allowed visitors to the stand to decorate their own with fabric pens. The stand was non-stop action until we ran out of bags! What would you decorate your own Bag for Life with?

We’ve also been exploring all the possibilities of used magazines – all the colours and patterns can make for some really pretty paper flowers, brightly coloured paper aeroplanes and some very useful paper fans! We need to remember that recycling paper uses a lot of water and energy and if we can reuse products as much as possible before needing to recycle them, that’s better for the planet.

We took out the updated pedal power bike, to show people just how much energy it takes to power a single lightbulb, by making them power our generator (volunteers of course!). We then shared with them some fascinating facts about how much energy can be saved by producing packaging from recycled materials instead of virgin materials. For example…

DID you know?? The energy savings from recycling 1 plastic bottle is the equivalent of powering a lightbulb for three hours?! And the energy savings from recycling 1 drinks can would power a television for three hours?

So really every little makes a difference.

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