Thursday, 25 August 2011

Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week

As a self confessed RubbishGeek it is with great excitement that I can announce the approach of Zero Waste Week!

Get those dates in your diary Zero Waste Week is 5th – 11th September 2011

To get involved just pledge to cut back on your waste producing habits.
There’s encouragement available online from so make sure you remember to sign up your pledge there, and there are some hints for easy everyday waste free ideas too. This year’s theme is ‘Reducing waste away from home‘ in support of Recycle Now’s Recycle Week where the theme “Recycling - Home and Away” got everyone thinking about recycling not just at home, but when out shopping, at work or socialising.

There’s also a photo competition for those of you who, like me, love to spot different recycling bins on your travels. Two happy waste bloggers have got some snazzy prizes to award for the best photos and videos of people using ‘on-the-go’ recycling bins. More info at The deadline for submissions is the end of Zero Waste Week, midnight on 11th September, so get your cameras out!

We’re also looking forward to seeing what kinds of creations our local artists have come up with to contribute to the Reusable bags exhibition held at Cleethorpes Discovery Centre from 20th September 2011.

We love to SNUB (Say No to Unnecessary Bags) - or No Thankyou anyway! But especially if we can produce our own stylish bags from the pocket, or the depths of the handbag, for use instead.

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  1. First of all: I really like your blog, thank you for writing!
    Also: a great idea to make it an event to raise awareness!