Friday, 1 July 2011

Food Lovers' Finale – for this year anyway

Thanks to our Food Lover Families for taking part!

Well as you may know we’ve been working with four local families to see what effects can be achieved when focusing on food waste. They all enjoyed getting involved, and are now out sharing the word of Love Food Hate Waste with friends, family and colleagues!

We all got together on Saturday to share our top tips live on the radio on Compass FM and to hear how each other had been getting on. Two families were focusing on portion sizes and found they’d really saved some money and picked up some good shopping habits by planning meals and only cooking what will be eaten. One family even felt they’d lost some weight, and recommended using smaller plates. Two families were delighted to be inspired by new recipes and techniques in the kitchen, including great ‘use up’ recipes, like homemade pizza, pasta, soups and risottos.

After they had kept a final food waste diary all the families had reduced how much they had thrown away – and the most successful family had saved £52 on their monthly shopping bill! This is right in line with the national campaign’s statistics – proving that we can all save money, and our impact on the environment by not wasting food.

Thanks to all those families who got involved, let us interview them, invade their kitchens and even one family who let ITV in! We do appreciate their help, and honesty!

Why not challenge yourself to take the Food Waste Challenge now? Then pick up some tips and advice from

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