Monday, 13 June 2011

Food waste no more!

Nigel Brown of Nigel Brown cookery academy shows the Green family how to use up those blackened bananas, to make fresh pasta and generally be more creative in the kitchen.

So we're done WEEK 4 with our Food Lover families now..

They challenged themselves to cut down their food waste specifically :

  • Family A to Plan their meals a week in advance and only shop for what is needed,

  • Family B to Shop online and avoid shopping more than once a week,

  • Family C to try to cook with fresh ingredients more often

  • Family D to tell all their friends about

A treat in WEEK 5 is a visit from Nigel Brown, local celebrity chef to raid their fridges and store cupboards and create them a meal from scratch! Very Ready Steady Cook. Now all they want to know is, can he come back next week??

WEEK 6 is for keeping another Food Waste diary, and seeing what the difference is between WEEK 1's and this one - the plan is, they should be saving lots of money, and lots of food! We'll see...

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