Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow and ice and all things not so nice

Unfortunately our Council has had to suspend door to door waste collections this past week, due to this icy weather.
I know I certainly wouldn't like to have a lorry skidding about down narrow streets!

I'm sure it will certainly bring home to people how much waste we actually do accumulate when it's piled up at home or in the garden instead of being whisked away.
The one big problem with having a door to door collection is that people don't have to think very far past their own front door when considering where waste actually goes when we throw something 'away'.

I know I've been thinking hard about how life would be if this kind of weather was here to stay. For a start we'd probably have our own fires in back gardens again, to thaw out, and get rid. That's one of the options in North East Lincolnshire, as our waste collections are taken to the Energy fromWaste site in Stallingborough. Although the heat energy is captured from this fire, and the steam and heat is used to create electricity.

My picture was taken the other day, when I lifted up our patio furniture to find these rather pretty icicles. Could make for a painful seat though!

Well, if the post still doesn't get through then it's e-cards for everyone, cutting down on even more waste! Maybe I'll use this picture on the front? Have an 'ice' Christmas, stay warm and stay safe!

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