Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Only two days to go...

Check out this Christmas tree made of 5,480 recycled bottles displayed in Haifa, Israel!

So, how can we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle this Christmas?

As we well know, it's all about planning ahead. Have a really good check on the dates of food already in the fridge, and on the shelves before you buy more. If the time until the use by date isn't very long, then plan to make space in the freezer, or don't buy it.

I've tried to use decorative bags instead of wrapping paper, as they can definitely be saved for next year. There's some question over whether we can include wrapping paper in the recycling - so it's best just to avoid it altogether! I heard a lovely story of a mother receiving her gift, wrapped in a beautiful scarf, which is another great idea!

At our New Year's eve party, my recycling boxes will be on display. Any guests who finish a tin or a glass bottled drink can drop them straight in. My partner has also had a go at brewing his own beer this year, so that cuts out loads of packaging!

On 12th night I'll be chopping up the Christmas cards, to make more next year, and the scraps will go in the paper recycling. The decorations will be stored away for next year - including the tree. Of course if you've got a real tree, you could try to plant it again, or chop it up for composting.

Let's try to avoid festive mess, and waste less.
See you in 2011.

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