Thursday, 5 April 2012

Reusing our rubbish

Over £1400 was raised for charity this time we had a bring and buy sale at the Grimsby Community Recycling Centre!

10 porcelain dolls had been disposed of at the Community Recycling Centre, but were rehomed on the day
 Thanks to all who made donations on the day.
It really does show that one person's trash can be another's treasure.

Items for sale included : 1 telescope, 2 full sets of dining chairs, 3 airing racks, 4 oversized teddies, 5 sets of plates and crockery, 6 sets of golf clubs and 10 porcelain dolls

Thanks to our lovely volunteers!

To find out when the next sale day is being held please visit our events page on the Council website (but it's usually the last Friday of every month)

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  1. Would like to volunteer for next one! xxx