Monday, 13 June 2011

Food waste no more!

Nigel Brown of Nigel Brown cookery academy shows the Green family how to use up those blackened bananas, to make fresh pasta and generally be more creative in the kitchen.

So we're done WEEK 4 with our Food Lover families now..

They challenged themselves to cut down their food waste specifically :

  • Family A to Plan their meals a week in advance and only shop for what is needed,

  • Family B to Shop online and avoid shopping more than once a week,

  • Family C to try to cook with fresh ingredients more often

  • Family D to tell all their friends about

A treat in WEEK 5 is a visit from Nigel Brown, local celebrity chef to raid their fridges and store cupboards and create them a meal from scratch! Very Ready Steady Cook. Now all they want to know is, can he come back next week??

WEEK 6 is for keeping another Food Waste diary, and seeing what the difference is between WEEK 1's and this one - the plan is, they should be saving lots of money, and lots of food! We'll see...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Food Waste Challenge!

We're working with 4 local families to tackle their food waste so here's some updates!

If you're inspired to tackle your own food waste then try - what have you got to lose?
1) keep a diary of everything food wise that goes in the bin, down the sink or in the dog! Also keep a note of WHY they need throwing.
2) look through your diary, and group things together eg. leftovers, inedibles, mouldy, out of date
3) Consider Why these things went in the bin - cooked too much? not used up in time? didn't like it?
4) Think of how you could have used the food before it was beyond the edible stage. Check out www.lovefoodhatewaste. com for new recipes, storage solutions, portion calculators and more!
5) tell a friend what you've been up to! challenge them to have a go!

We sat down with our families and had a chat about their kitchen - what meals do they like to eat? what seems to end up in the bin no matter what, week in, week out? What equipment do they have?
All four families are so different ; one family of 3 teens, one of two school age kids, mum and dad, a middle aged couple, and a couple in their 20's.
Everyone has different favourite foods and interest in cooking, but all are taking the Challenge!

The families have been keeping a food waste diary - everrrything that goes in the bin that's foodie, right down to apple cores and tea bags. There's lots of dairy on their lists, and some soggy fruit and veg. One family have put lots of food in because it's past the best before date - but that's only a recommendation. Use your senses to see if it's still edible, don't just go by the printed date! It's Use by dates that should have danger signs appearing with the date - they come on dairy, meat and danger foods.

All the families are receiving a toolkit to help them out including : a freezer board (to keep a list of what's in the cold cupboard!), food bag clips (for re-sealing bread, or packets), tupperware containers, a fridge thermometer (should be between 1-5 degrees celcius) and loads of recipes and tips. They'll also get specific items to tackle their own problems. One family got a permanent marker and a roll of sellotape to label their freezer tubs. Once the food is used up, a new label can be made easily. Another family got thermos mugs - keeping those cups of tea warm, instead of having to chuck them down the sink, cold.

More updates to follow....