Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Going green in the garden

The demonstration compost bin we take to schools and community groups

It may not be spring but we're turning our attention in this post to going all green in the garden. Garden waste is becoming an issue that’s getting people all hot under the collar at the moment in North East Lincolnshire. But it could be getting all hot in a compost heap instead!
The council isn’t obliged by law to make a doorstep collection of garden waste, and when the first bins were put out for this use it was paid for using funding from Defra. Unfortunately we’re living in hard financial times and NELincs council may well have to introduce a charge for this service in 2012. Many councils already make a charge to collect the garden waste instead of expecting people to take it to a council tip, but the prices charged range widely.
Of course any moving of green waste from the house means extra pollution whether it’s a public or a private vehicle taking it away.
The nutrients in green waste can be used as a perfect soil conditioner for your own garden, and allsorts can be included such as grass cuttings, plants, even egg boxes and tea bags! For more information to know what to compost or not go to www.nelincs.gov.uk/environment/recycling--rubbish-and-waste/recycling/home-composting/ or for a reduced price compost bin visit

We’d love to hear from you if you’re a keen composter, live in North East Lincolnshire and would like to offer your advice to anyone who’s struggling to compost or is just starting out.
Please phone 01472 325843 and ask about becoming a Compost Champion!

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