Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Barbecue Bliss

I've just found out that the float in Cleethorpes Carnival won second prize for Best Novelty Float, so well done everyone!

This week I've been enjoying chatting to the residents of Immingham about Love Food Hate Waste. Even if you've been on the site before, why not have another look? They're always updating information, and you might find a section that would help out with whatever's lurking in your fridge this week!

I'm particularly enjoying the advice for Summer BBQs. Here's a "taster" (pardon the pun) :

If you are inviting lots of guests to your BBQ and are unsure of how much to cook, why not try our Perfect Portion Calculator?

Any bread rolls that have gone a bit stale can be made into breadcrumbs and frozen in a freezer bag to use later for making stuffings, bread sauce or mix with grated cheese for a gratin topping.

If you have leftover cooked meat, wrap it well and keep it in the fridge – it will be good to use for up to 2 days

Happy Barbecueing... now if we could only plan the weather!

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