Friday, 20 May 2011

What a week!

Real Nappy Week 2011 : Austin Mitchell MP, Jo Smalley (local nappy champion) and son Callum (age 2+1/2)

We've been to Immingham, Cleethorpes and Grimsby this week to show parents the new options for cloth, washable nappies. Lots of people have been really surprised at how modern they are - terry towels and pins aren't needed! Also the cost savings have been a big impact - parents can save over £500 - and more if nappies are used on little brothers or sisters.

Lots of mums and grannies also told me about how proud they were of having a line of clean nappies when their little ones were...well ..little!

Our society has changed a lot in the way we think of products, and many disposables have become the norm : wipes, biros and sanitary products to name just a few.

But this isn't good for our planet, to use something once, then throw it away. And where is 'away' anyway? All that rubbish has to go somewhere.

Jo, mum of Callum, said :
" I decided to become a local nappy Champion because there's not enough awareness of Real nappies locally, and I know how easy they are to use. I got mine online, at a reduced cost because they were second hand, but unused. Callum was potty trained before he was 2 and I'm sure it's because he was in Real nappies."

Lots of learning all round it would seem, as Jo could tell the designs have developed even since Callum was in nappies.

More information:

Lots of advice about the choice of Real nappies is available on They also have a very helpful Helpline : 0845 350 0606

Information about North East Lincolnshire Council's £50 refund on Real nappies is found on